Taking action

Concern about the condition of the Baltic Sea and frustration with speeches were the starting point for the John Nurminen Foundation’s Clean Baltic Sea project in 2004. The original purpose of the Foundation, fostering Finnish maritime cultural heritage, did not seem very meaningful if the Baltic Sea were to die before our eyes. The aim was to achieve a visible improvement in the condition of the Baltic Sea, so that the clean sea would remain a part of the life of Finns and all inhabitants on the shores of the Baltic Sea.

The Baltic Sea knows no territorial boundaries, which is why the Foundation takes action where each euro brings about the largest positive impact on the environment. The Foundation’s operational policy is to function as a catalyst between various sectors of society and the countries around the Baltic Sea, and to expedite actions which are critical with respect to the condition of the Baltic Sea. The Clean Baltic Sea projects focus on combating eutrophication by reducing phosphorus discharges and preventing oil disasters threatening the Baltic Sea by developing a proactive control of vessel traffic system together with key parties in maritime traffic.

We acknowledge that the Baltic Sea faces many other challenges as well. However, it is important to view the problems in the right scale and tackle those that will have a quick and productive impact on the condition of the Baltic Sea. The Clean Baltic Sea projects operate purposefully with the ultimate goal of making the work of protecting the Baltic Sea unnecessary.